Tuesday, May 20, 2014

5 Natural Foods to Eliminate Acne

Here are 5 Natural Foods to Eliminate Acne. Please refer to the complete description of this article.
A healthy diet can affect the health of the skin. There is a possibility of acne appears due to unhealthy eating patterns. What are some foods that can eliminate acne? The following is the answer.
5 Natural Foods to Eliminate Acne

Natural Foods to Eliminate Acne

1. Juice Lemon.
Lemon juice helps remove residual acid and cleanse the liver with citric acid and enzymes build unto eliminate junk substances in the blood. The lemon juice will help cleanse the pores and keep the skin to remain fresh and bright.

2. Green Tea.
 Antioxidants are the best source to prevent aging factors, while green tea antioxidants merupajan. Antioxidants fight the bacteria that cause acne and also other factors that cause wrinkles and other aging signs. Eating 4-5 cups of green tea per day is very good for your health and appearance of skin.

3. Vegetables.
 High consumption of vegetables such as cucumbers and broccoli. Cucumber contains silicon and sulfur substances that will reduce the problem of acne. Broccoli contains beta carotene which is much needed by healthy skin. Vegetables are one of the 5 Natural Foods to Eliminate Acne best.

4. Yoghurt.
Yogurt contains anti- fungal and anti- bacterial, so it is very useful for cleansing the skin and open clogged pores.

5. Cereals.
The content of selenium comes from nuts, cereals, and so on. Several studies have shown that even sunburned skin can decrease the level of damage when high levels of selenium in the body.
That review on 5 Natural Foods to Eliminate Acne. When consumed regularly, can help eliminate acne naturally.

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1. Vitalize Soft gel Capsules also known as vitality.
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2. Jiang HI Tea.
Green tea is a detox of teens. Our skin is a reflection of the body's metabolism. For those of you who frequently eat carelessly certainly not a good thing. It is like a pile of garbage in our own bodies. Of course if often eat high fat and hygiene not results in the body's metabolism so ugly acne appears. By drinking this tea, then the body will be cleansed of toxins and impurities alias in detox. With a good metabolism, digestion smooth and good blood circulation you will be spared from acne. Besides tea is rich in antioxidants that are great for rejuvenating the skin so that the skin looks brighter and acne free.

3. Chitin Tiens Chitosan Capsules.
Are other detox products of Tines? Functioning digestive cleanse of toxins and stubborn fat. By using chitosan will regularly clean the digestion so that the skin will become more fresh and resistant to acne. Addition of chitosan is rich in antioxidants that will help the skin become more fresh and youthful.